Current projects

Aerial view of Gomde Pyrenees- Spring 2018


In 2017…

Our objective has been to make the main building of Gomdé suitable for retreats and teaching sessions (several sessions already happened this summer and early autumn):

  • Make the building compliant with regulations about safety and accessibility by persons with disabilities: emergency exits, safety equipment (fire doors, extinguishers etc)
  • Reconfiguration of rooms floors to increase capacity and quality of accommodation: window enlargement, refurbishing…
  • Installation of a shrine room (Lhakhang in Tibetan): insulation, skylights, wooden floor…

Funding and realization are not yet assured at this date. If you are interested by this project and have the possibility, any help or donation is welcome.

And later…

Retreat cabins

Practicing meditation instructions requires periods of sādhana (“exertion” or “means of accomplishment”) which are best effected in personal retreat. Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche also wishes that any person sincerely wishing to practice a form of meditation could do it here.

Our plan is to build on the 7 hectares of wooded land a set of individual wooden cabins, with good insulation, well integrated in the landscape, and built ecologically, with sufficient comfort for medium or long-term retreats.

We are working on this project and preparing permit applications.

Second building with a larger temple

The mas (main house) though large has a limited capacity of Longer term, we plan to rebuild a ruin annex building to create a larger temple for 100 to 150 persons, a library, a dining room, and housing for teachers / Lamas and permanent residents.