Donations / Projects

Main House

Our objective is to complete our renovations to the main building, which will make it compliant with safety regulations and provide access to persons with disabilities.

We are working on improvements to emergency exits and our safety equipment (fire doors, extinguishers etc). We are also adapting rooms to increase the capacity and the quality of our accomodation, enlarging room windows and refurbishing.

3 year Retreat Houses

One of our main new projects is the renovation of the 3 year retreat houses, a charming and beautiful cluster of old French country houses. We are working on the restoration and improvement of these houses, where we will enlarge the windows to enhance the beautiful natural light and offer more open views of the sky and surrounding nature. 

We plan to set up a professional wood workshop to enable us to do this work ourselves with the help of skilled professional carpenters and experienced joiners.

Landscaping and Gardening

We would love to establish our garden in a way that it becomes maintenance free, where the types of plants we include will naturally deter the growth of weeds

We have also recently purchased a digger for levelling grounds and preparing pits ahead of installing a water filtering system.

Rebuilding of a ruin that neighbours Gomde House

The mas (main house) though large has limits for our longer term aspirations, and we wish to rebuild a ruin that directly neighbours the main house. We are hoping to create a larger temple, a library, dining room, and housing for our teachers and Lamas, and our permanent residents.

Donations and offering professional services

If you are interested to support any of our current projects and have the possibility to help, either by way of offering your service or time in the area where professional skills are needed, or by way of offering a donation towards any of the current projects, we would be delighted!  

Funding and realization are not yet assured at this date and your support is greatly welcome! 

Donations for development projects

The Gomde Europe Foundation is the owner of Gomde France’s site. If you wish to support Gomde’s development it is best to donate directly to the Foundation by one of the following means:

One-time donation with Paypal
Monthly donation with Paypal
Bank transfer to the Gomde Europe Foundation IBAN: DK43 6845 0009 4190 47 BIC/SWIFT: SYBKDK22 If you need help, contact us through
By payment card to Shedrub Fund
Choice for one time or subscription payments.
(please note that if you are based in the US, the payment via Shedrub Fund is tax deductible)

Donations for the Association

The French association Rangjung Yeshé Gomdé manages the Gomdé-Pyrénées center.

Gifts of useful objects are always welcome, as well as monetary donations to help us pay bills, heating etc. Please note that for monetary donations, it is best to give moderate amounts to avoid high taxation by the French state.

Recipient: Rangjung Yeshe Gomde
IBAN: FR7610278089980002053710115
Address: CCM Perpignan Catalogne, 7 Cours Lazare Escarguel, 66000 Perpignan, France

For any additional information, please feel welcome to contact us at:

Thank you for your kindness and support!