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Korde Rushen Intensive Practice Retreat

Korde Rushen - Separating Samsara from Nirvana

This two week retreat is for qualified participants, and will provide the practitioner with the unique opportunity for an intensive immersion in the practice of Korde Rushen (khor ‘das ru shan) – separating samsara from nirvana – as explained by Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche in the Sphere of Refined Gold. These practices form an integral set of Great Perfection preliminary practices which include visualisation and recitation exercises to purify the yogi’s body, speech and mind. These practices allow one to practice Trekchö (khregs chod) and Tögal (thod rgal) with ease.

This precious opportunity enables the yogi to immediately put into practice the profound instructions received from Rinpoche without losing any of the essence. This is a very rare and auspicious circumstance for those who are inspired by the teachings of the Great Perfection. In addition, this short “taste” of intensive retreat will serve as an ideal preparation for those who plan to attend our 3-month retreat in spring 2020 and longer retreats in the future.

We will practice together in group sessions twice a day. The majority of the practice sessions will be done privately in our rooms. A team of senior students who have experience with these practices will be available to answer questions and help with any issues.

What are the Prerequisites for the 2 Week Korde Rushen retreat?

To participate in the retreat one should attend the empowerment of Pema Jungnye offered by Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche on September 1. This empowerment creates the conducive situation for our practice to unfold.

Additionally, participants would ideally have completed or be actively engaged in ngondro (preliminary practices). Rinpoche has also stated that it would be best if participants have completed the first excellence in the Tara’s Triple Excellence program.

The minimum prerequisites are to have a strong foundation in Buddhist practice through both study and time spent in retreat, and to have received teachings on the great perfection from highly qualified master. If in doubt, one should ask Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche if it would be beneficial to participate in the retreat.

To book for the Korde Rushen retreat:

Please send an e-mail to retreatinpyrenees@gmail.com so that we can contact you with further details and reserve your accommodation for this retreat.

Please take advantage of this auspicious opportunity!

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