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Qigong and Vajrasattva Retreat

Qigong and Vajrasattva meditation retreat with Lama Tenzin Sangpo and Sascha - Alexander Urschitz.

Lama Tenzin Sangpo will lead the retreat in the practise of Vajrasattva meditation, enabling us to gather the conditions and the qualities for increased awareness, and to purify the mind of obscurations.  Whilst Vajrasattva is our support for purification practises, he embodies all buddha families and is the indestructible holder of awareness within the dissolution of all dual references.

Sascha Alexander Urschitz will lead the retreat in the practise of QiGong.   The content and basis of the QiGong sessions will focus on Nei Dan Training. This practise unfolds a process of inner alchemy in which we may experience transformation and refinement. This training unites the practises of personal cultivation and practises which have their focus on healing the body and mind in accordance with the laws of (human) nature.  These practises will include: ShaoLin QiGong 8 (silk) brocade, opening exercises, training methods, breath coordination and breath control, meditative Qi control and point to point method to activate the body’s self-healing powers, group Shaolin cleansing exercise.

Sascha Alexander Urschitz first came into contact with Taiji and QiGong for medical reasons, over 20 years ago. He soon realized that training on a daily basis in such practises not only reduced the physical and mental difficulties that he had been experiencing, but they also improved his mental state. This intrigued him to such an extant that he began to delve deeper into the different QiGong forms and TaiQi styles.

Several years later in 2004, Sascha met one of his great teachers – ShiFu ShiDeLon, a master of the Chinese Shaolin Temple. ShiFu ShiDeLon taught him the form of Ba Dua Jin and Chen style, the aspects of NeiDan, the training method of the NeiGung and the form of qi healing maintained in the ShaoLin temple. After four unthinkably intense years, in which dozens of seminars and hundreds of QiHealings were implemented, Sascha received the authorization both from his teacher and from the Shaolin temple to teach the practises that he has since been teaching every week for 13 years.

In search for further progress in the wish to realize higher methods of QiGong, and to gain understanding of the contents on a more advanced level, Sascha met H.H. Chokling Rinpoche and H.E. Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche. These two great masters helped him to refine his understanding and to discover a mental and spiritual basis for an inner method of approach.

For information in German: Einzigartiges Kombinationsseminar in Frankreich Meditation & QiGong

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