Volunteer at Gomde

Thanks to the wonderful volunteers and generous contributors, we have made an great progress. In order to complete our work, we are looking for volunteers with professional skills and construction experiences.

We need:

Locksmiths and general metal worker for welding of the balustrades;

We also need skilled carpenters to build Lama’s kitchenette and furniture;

We need bathroom specialists who can install ceramic tiles and bathroom upgrades;

Additionally, we need folks to plaster, build new walls and install insulation.

Volunteers can save us valuable funds that we can use for new projects and programs that will enable our community to grow and succeed.

Please contact us if you are able to help, and have the skills we need at Gomde Pyrenees. And please share this information with anyone who wishes to become part of our community.

We are deeply grateful for your consideration of this request.

Please contact us by e-mail at hello@gomde.fr or call us at +33 0468 37 89 87.

Thank you!