Rangjung Yeshe Gomde is an association of French speaking students of the Venerable Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche and other Lamas associated with the Chokling Tersar Buddhist lineage.

We feel very fortunate that in early 2017, we have opened a new Center in France, in the beautiful mountain range of the Pyrénées-Orientales, not far from the city of Perpignan.

We are still planning and organizing our new center, and we are eager to share this wonderful new center with others. In order to make this center available to all dharma friends, we still need help. If you can help us grow, please do so by donating.

We are grateful for your interest and we hope to welcome you in our new center for practice or teaching in a not too distant future.

Rangjung Yeshé Gomdé in France is a non-profit association (law of 1901), managed by a team of volunteers. It is now in charge of the Gomde center in La Bastide (66110).

The RYG association may receive donations of moderate amount, which are not tax-deductible for French fiscal residents.

Address: Mas Can Pere Courreu – 66110 La Bastide

Registered as W783002234 in sous-préfecture de Céret – 66400.

President and treasurer:
Secretary: Lionel LASSALLE

The Gomdé Europe Foundation is a Danish foundation which has acquired the Mas Can Pere Courreu.
It is managed by a Council of 10 members, from Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany, Switzerland, all students of Chokyi Nyima Rinpoché.

The foundation may receive donations and legacies of any amount, which are not tax-deductible for French fiscal residents.

Gomde Europe Fonden, c/o Julius Nielsen A/S – Østre Stationsvej 43, st. – 5000 Odense C

Founders: Mads Julius Nielsen & Andreas Doctor.