Code of Conduct

When visiting a Buddhist Centre, please be reminded about the following:

Please stand as a sign of respect when Lama(s) enter and exit the shrine room.

When stretching your legs, please avoid pointing your feet towards the shrine or Teacher.

Buddhists traditionally prostrate three times when the teacher enters the room, or after he/she has been seated.

Please do not put Dharma books, texts or beads (malas) on the floor.

Be on time, dress appropriately, turn off cell phones, do not talk and refrain from eating and drinking in the shrine room.

Please respect Lamas’ and Translators’ need for privacy and rest.

During a seminar, all participants are assigned a small daily dharma service job to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

Please respect your service commitment and remember the success of the seminar depends on all of us.

Become a program helper and gain merit for your yogi service for a program or retreat sessions.

As a program helper you will get a chance to join at least one daily practice, in addition to assigned work supporting teachers, translators and retreatants.

Become a volunteer and assist our dharma home with much needed technical skills such as construction, carpentry, plumbing, electric service etc.

Thank you very much for your kind consideration!

Please contact for more information!