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Join us in joyfully supporting Gomde

Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche has regularly reminded us: our precious retreat home, Gomde Pyrénées, belongs to everyone who practices here. As dharma practitioners we can embrace our responsibility to protect and preserve this powerful and sacred location, both for our own future retreat plans, and also for the retreat benefit of many future generations.

As many people and institutions during the current pandemic, we are experiencing difficulties,  Rinpoche has postponed his international travel, and we are currently reviewing the planning for our summer and fall. We will share news on the events planned for the summer and fall months shortly.

The challenges nevertheless present us with a meaningful opportunity for practice, and we extend our love and compassion to sentient beings everywhere through our practice of the paramitas of generosity and perseverance. Please join us in joyfully supporting Gomde!

We now have a chance to build upon our resources, and to improve and maintain our spiritual home, whilst planning continues for many more retreats and teaching seminars, we invite our Dharma family to come to Gomde for individual retreats where you can practice and benefit from Gomde’s uniquely supportive environment.

Gomde Pyrénées also invites you to support us in sharing the light of wisdom with current and future generations of practitioners by becoming a Gomde Pyrénées Benefactor. For more information on this program, please take a look at our donations program.

We look forward to your staying in touch, please send us an e-mail at hello@gomde.fr

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