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We need your help to take care of Gomde

Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche regularly reminds us that our precious retreat home, Gomde Pyrénées, belongs to everyone who practices here. As practitioners we can embrace our responsibility to protect and preserve this powerful and sacred location, both for our own future retreats, and also for the benefit of many future generations of retreatants yet to come.

You can choose to support Gomde Pyrénées Annual Fund, which provides general support for our monthly operating costs or Gomde Pyrénées Development Fund which helps upkeep of our buildings and temple.


Gomde Pyrénées Annual Fund

Your generous contribution to the Annual Fund provides general support to the French Association Rangjung Yeshé Gomdé to manage our monthly operating costs. These funds allow us to care for our dear volunteers who work on the ongoing projects, and to pay for Gomde’s overall household and grounds keeping expenses and utilities, and general administrative expenses.

Approximately 40% of Gomde Pyrénées running costs funding comes from our monthly Benefactor Program donations. We rely on the generosity of our sangha and donors to make Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche’s vision come to life each year.

Please use the donation link below for a one-time donation/or one-time bank transfer and select your chosen amount. If you wish to become a monthly benefactor, we kindly request you to set up a recurring bank transfer for ease in paying your future monthly contributions (bank details displayed below).


By bank transfer to: 

Rangjung Yeshe Gomde IBAN: FR7610278089980002053710115 BIC/SWIFT: CMCIFR2A

Address: CCM Perpignan Catalogne, 7 Cours Lazare Escarguel, 66000 Perpignan, France

For any questions please write to our fundraising team at support_dharma@gomde.fr

Gomde Pyrénées Development Fund

Gomde Pyrénées’ land has 20 hectares with a few buildings, retreat cabins, staff housing, and our precious Lhakang. The property was purchased in December 2017 and is still in development. The upkeep of our buildings and temple, as well as all capital improvement of this sacred land, needs ongoing support. 


Your generous contribution to the Development Fund supports Gomde European Foundation, based in Denmark, for the overall management of major construction projects. 


French ERP5 Certification: This code is required under French law in order to host public events and to offer overnight lodging for those events. In addition, thise certificate attests to our compliance with all fire safety regulations. Please rejoice with us as we near completion of the certification process. When this is official we will fulfill Rinpoche’s aspirations to develop Gomde Pyrénées into a retreat center that will be accessible to all!.

To support Work in Progress and create an auspicious connection with with all future generations of practitioners, you can make a donation or set up a recurring monthly transfer to:

By bank transfer to:

Gomde Europe Foundation IBAN:
DK43 6845 0009 4190 47


If you prefer to pay by Credit Card, please visit the Shedrub Development Fund Website by following the link below. If you need any help, contact us at support-dharma@gomde.fr Please note that if you pay this way your contribution is tax deductible for US residents. For non-US residents, please consult your local tax codes. Shedrub Development Fund is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.


If you have any questions,  please write to our fundraising team at support_dharma@gomde.fr


John Peder Staubo Scholarships Fund

Thanks to the generosity of others, we are able to offer scholarships to participants of our annual 3 month retreat. This fund also aims at supporting monastics who have dedicated their lives to practice and service in our lineage. For any questions please write to our retreat team at retreatinpyrenees@gomde.fr

Volunteer support

The retreat center is run by volunteers, who share in their wish to practice meditation and contribute towards a growing community. We welcome people from around the world to retreat in this serene environment, and we need volunteers to help staff, maintain and renovate our center. Please join us by offering your technical or household skills to help make Rinpoche’s vision for Gomde a reality! 

If you are interested in volunteering at Gomde, please fill out the form ‘Volunteering Inquiry’ under ‘Contact us’, and we will get back to you about availability and what skills are currently needed.