Who we are

Gomde Pyrenees is a centre that expands and deepens authentic  Buddhist teachings, by offering individual and group retreats in a remote and ideal setting

The peace and  and quiet of this magnificent space is an ideal landscape for long and short term retreats, and is a home for students of Buddhism in France and Spain.

We practice in a supportive and inclusive community guided by visiting Rinpoches and Lamas, nuns and monks, who have devoted their lives to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche visited the Pyrenees in the winter of 2017 to offer his blessings and to support his students in their search for a practice center in the heart of Europe. Impressed by the location, and beauty of the Catalan region, Rinpoche noted that Gomde Pyrenees would be a perfect remote setting of silence that is ideal for meditation practice.

Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche encouraged European practitioners to work together to create a retreat community that is open to local Buddhists in France and Spain, as well as to the wider international sangha. 

This remote home to meditation in the mountains will enable dedicated practitioners to achieve their longer term retreats either individually or in a supportive group during planned short retreats or longer retreats of 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and 3 years.

Gomde Pyrenees is a growing retreat community with a difference, and is Europe’s newest centre for Buddhist studies and retreats.

Organizationally, Rangjung Yeshé Gomdé (RYG) is a non-profit association (law of 1901), registered as W783002234 in sous-perfecture de Ceret-66400, France, and also incorporated in the United States as a not for profit 501(c) organization. We are located in La Bastide (66110), France. Address: Mas Can Pere Courreu – 66110 La Bastide.

Rangjung Yeshé Gomdé (RYG) is a non-profit association, and has an elected Board of Directors to manage its ongoing activities.

Lionel Lassalle is President and Chairman.

The Gomdé Europe Foundation, Denmark based foundation, purchased the Mas Can Pere Courreu. It is managed by a Board of Directors from Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany and Austria, and can receive donations and legacies; these gifts are not tax-deductible for French residents. Gomde Europe Fonden, c/o Julius Nielsen A/S – Østre Stationsvej 43, st. – 5000 Odense C. Mads Julius Nielsen & Andreas Doctor, Founders.