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Three Year Retreat 2022

It is a long-standing tradition in the Nyingma and Kagyu Schools of Tibetan Buddhism to take part in a three-year retreat under the guidance of a Tibetan lama.

The goal of the three-year retreat is to create a perfect environment where a meditator can experience first-hand the Buddha’s profound realization, which the Buddha described himself in the following way:

I have discovered the supremely sublime and astonishing absolute,
The ineffable state, untainted by language,
Suchness, the sky-like nature of phenomena,
Completely free of discursive, conceptual movement.


A boundary is set around the space at the beginning of the retreat, which remains in place for the full duration. The guidelines and daily schedules are strict, and no participant is allowed to leave the confines of the “retreat village” without an exceptional reason. Also no one from the outside may enter. Group practice takes place in a small temple, and individual practice and meditation sessions take place in the retreatants’ private rooms. Retreatants can also practice in the beautiful natural surroundings outdoors within the protected circle of the “village”. Helpers are responsible for maintaining the facilities and managing the household and the daily needs of everyone inside the retreat. Their tasks include buying, growing and preparing food, taking care of laundry and health treatment, administration, budgeting, and so on.

The first three-year retreat at Gomde Pyrenées

On June 20th 2022, 14 men and women from around the world will gather at Gomde Pyrenées to prepare for entering into this long retreat. These courageous and compassionate practitioners, ordained and lay-people whose ages span several decades, will withdraw from the outer world and begin their practice under the guidance of a Retreat Master, with the support of a translator and four helpers. The actual retreat will begin in September 2022, and will continue for three years, three months, three weeks and three days.

This retreat has only been possible through the blessings of Rinpoche and the lineage teachers, together with the aspirations of many serious practitioners who genuinely want to focus on the path.

We invite you to take a moment and reflect on the incredible benefits of retreat. The merit from the wholehearted practice that will occur during this time will benefit all beings and support future retreats, not only for our lineage, but for any practitioner who deeply wishes to do retreat! What if getting in touch with our inner wisdom and compassion through retreat is one of the most important steps that can possibly be taken toward achieving peace on earth?

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